Built-in functions BETA

    Slack provides built-in functions you can use alongside your custom functions in a workflow. Built-in functions are essentially Slack-native actions, like creating a channel or sending a message, that work hand-in-hand with your functions.

    Please note that some built-in functions may be restricted due to Workspace permission settings. Reach out to a Workspace owner if these aren’t available to you.

    Using with workflows

    Built-in functions need to be imported from the standard library built into the SDK — all built-in functions are children of the Schema.slack.functions object. Just like custom functions, built-ins are then added to steps in a workflow using the addStep method. That’s it!

    Built-in functions define their own inputs and outputs, as detailed for each built-in below.

    Here’s an example of a workflow that sends a message using the SendMessage built-in function:

    const { DefineWorkflow, Schema } = require('@slack/bolt');
    SampleWorkflow.addStep(Schema.slack.functions.SendMessage, {
      channel_id: inputForm.outputs.fields.channel,
      message: greetingFunctionStep.outputs.greeting,
    module.exports = { SampleWorkflow };

    Read the full documentation for workflows to learn how to build out workflows.

    Built-in functions list

    You can view a full list of built-in functions here.

    Next steps

    Now that you’ve taken a dive into built-in functions, you can explore custom functions and what they have to offer. ✨