Package slack_bolt

A Python framework to build Slack apps in a flash with the latest platform features. Read the getting started guide and look at our code examples to learn how to build apps using Bolt.

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A Python framework to build Slack apps in a flash with the latest platform features. Read the [getting started guide]( and look at our [code examples]( to learn how to build apps using Bolt.

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* The class representing a Bolt app: ``
# Don't add async module imports here
from .app import App  # noqa
from .context import BoltContext  # noqa
from .context.ack import Ack  # noqa
from .context.respond import Respond  # noqa
from .context.say import Say  # noqa
from .kwargs_injection import Args  # noqa
from .listener import Listener  # noqa
from .listener_matcher import CustomListenerMatcher  # noqa
from .request import BoltRequest  # noqa
from .response import BoltResponse  # noqa



Adapter modules for running Bolt apps along with Web frameworks or Socket Mode.

Application interface in Bolt …


Module for creating asyncio based apps …


Authorization is the process of determining which Slack credentials should be available while processing an incoming Slack event …


All listeners have access to a context dictionary, which can be used to enrich events with additional information. Bolt automatically attaches …


Bolt specific error types.


For middleware/listener arguments, Bolt does flexible data injection in accordance with their names …


Lazy listener runner is a beta feature for the apps running on Function-as-a-Service platforms …


Listeners process an incoming request from Slack if the request's type or data structure matches the predefined conditions of the listener. Typically, …


A listener matcher is a simplified version of listener middleware. A listener matcher function returns bool value instead of next() method …


Bolt for Python relies on the standard logging module.


A middleware processes request data and calls next() method if the execution chain should continue running the following middleware …


Slack OAuth flow support for building an app that is installable in any workspaces …


Incoming request from Slack through either HTTP request or Socket Mode connection …


This interface represents Bolt's synchronous response to Slack …


Internal utilities for the Bolt framework.


Check the latest version at


Workflow Steps from Apps enables developers to build their own custom workflow steps …