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Audit Logs API Client

Audit Logs API is a set of APIs for monitoring what’s happening in your Enterprise Grid organization.

The Audit Logs API can be used by security information and event management (SIEM) tools to provide an analysis of how your Slack organization is being accessed. You can also use this API to write your own applications to see how members of your organization are using Slack.

Follow the instructions in the API document to get a valid token for using Audit Logs API. The Slack app using the Audit Logs API needs to be installed in the Enterprise Grid Organization, not an individual workspace within the organization.

The Python document for this module is available at


An OAuth token with the admin scope is required to access this API.

You will likely use the /logs endpoint as it’s the essential part of this API.

To learn about the available parameters for this endpoint, check out this guide. You can also learn more about the data structure of api_response.typed_body from the class source code.

import os
from slack_sdk.audit_logs import AuditLogsClient

client = AuditLogsClient(token=os.environ["SLACK_ORG_ADMIN_USER_TOKEN"])

api_response = client.logs(action="user_login", limit=1)
api_response.typed_body  # slack_sdk.audit_logs.v1.LogsResponse

If you would like to access /schemes or /actions, you can use the following methods:

api_response = client.schemas()
api_response = client.actions()


If you are keen to use asyncio for SCIM API calls, we offer AsyncSCIMClient for it. This client relies on aiohttp library.

from slack_sdk.audit_logs.async_client import AsyncAuditLogsClient
client = AsyncAuditLogsClient(token=os.environ["SLACK_ORG_ADMIN_USER_TOKEN"])

api_response = await client.logs(action="user_login", limit=1)
api_response.typed_body  # slack_sdk.audit_logs.v1.LogsResponse