Slack Platform Developer Tools

Slack Platform Developer Tools

These tools, libraries, and SDKs will help you start developing on Slack quickly. To learn more about the Slack platform, consult our documentation, tutorials, and blueprints.

ℹ️ Don’t know where to start or what to build? Check out our Slack App Pathfinder and explore the resources you’ll need to start building your app today.

Tool Works with Related Guides
Node Slack SDK

Official Slack-built package for Node.js.
npm install @slack/client

Javascript, Node.js

Python Slack Client

Official Slack-built package for Python.
pip install slackclient


Java Slack SDK

Official Slack-built package for Java.



An official framework that lets you build Slack apps in a flash, available in JavaScript and Java.

JavaScript, Java, TypeScript

API specifications

Slack platform features lovingly documented in open formats

OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, JSON Schema

Block Kit Builder

Compose simple messages, preview complex workflows, and use blocks to the utmost.



Record and replay incoming and outgoing HTTP requests with your Slack app testing companion, Steno. 📼

Javascript, Node.js

Slack Developer Tools

Install this application to your workspace to quickly look up documentation, investigate the structure of messages, and more.


Node Interactive Messages & Dialogs

Official Slack-built package for consuming actions.
npm install @slack/interactive-messages

Javascript, Node.js

Events API module

Official Slack-built package for the Events API.
npm install @slack/events-api

Javascript, Node.js


Plug in your Python-based Slack app to receive Events API subscriptions


Hubot Slack adapter

Connect Hubot to Slack and get started with ChatOps.

Javascript, Node.js

Assets for App Directory profiles

Template images to help you build a great profile for the app directory


Visual asset kit

Ideal for prototyping, documenting, and promoting your Slack apps


Build this bot workshop

Learn to build a bot for Slack, step-by-step.