Slack Platform Developer Tools

Slack Platform Developer Tools

These tools, libraries, and SDKs will help you start developing on Slack quickly. To learn more about the Slack platform, consult our documentation and tutorials.

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An official framework that speeds up and simplifies Slack app development, available in JavaScript, Python, and Java.

JavaScript, Java, Python, TypeScript

Node Slack SDK

Official Slack-built package for Node.js.

npm install @slack/web-api @slack/oauth @slack/socket-mode @slack/webhook

Javascript, Node.js

Python Slack SDK

Official Slack-built package for Python.
pip install slack_sdk


Java Slack SDK

Official Slack-built package for Java.


Block Kit Builder

Compose simple messages, preview complex workflows, and use blocks to the utmost.


Slack Developer Tools

Install this application to your workspace to quickly look up documentation, investigate the structure of messages, and more.